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Optimize physician training: Make the most of your hosted training events

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August 14, 2018

Medical education for physicians is central to the development and roll out of new medical devices. If physicians don’t have a good experience using a new product for the first time at a physician training event, they are unlikely to bring that product into their clinical practice. Are you doing everything you can to facilitate the best product experience? For example, providing a dynamic guide to the planned curriculum for physicians to review before and during training sessions better prepares physicians for the event and enables them to remember the content after the event. Additionally, assessing step-wise performance of your device’s recommended technique during live events highlights areas physicians can focus on moving forward - allowing the physicians to learn from their trainers and their own mistakes more quickly.

Here we introduce ExplORer Surgical - the digital guide designed to lead physicians and their teams through complex procedures, in training or live, while gathering all the data necessary to fully understand use of your devices. Using ExplORer helps ensure physician understanding of training materials and success in the field.

Optimizing training events with ExplORer can enable physicians to be well trained in new techniques and enthusiastic about using new products. These physicians take time out of their home operating rooms or procedural suites to step back and learn the techniques that could meaningfully improve patient safety and outcomes. If done well, the physicians will develop additional trust in the medical device company that is hosting the training and gain enthusiasm for the use of those products.

Device companies often follow a similar path when releasing a new or updated product. The process that companies follow broadly fits into four steps: research and development, medical education, market development and ongoing use. Each step plays a critical role in ensuring that new products brought to market are effective and safe for patients. While medical education is near the middle of the company’s product lifecycle, it is a crucial step to get right the first time. Development of new devices can take a significant investment of time and money, both of which can be lost with sub-optimal training which fails to hook physicians.

ExplORer can help physicians and OR teams acclimate more quickly to new devices and new procedures with complex techniques.  Our software allows you to customize device-specific workflows that can be accessed anytime, including as as reference tool intraoperatively. No matter what step in the process you are--whether you are beginning clinical trials, or going to market with your device--ExplORer can serve as a resource to improve adoption of your product.

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