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The challenges you face as a device company today are changing. That’s why we’ve designed a platform which enables a streamlined approach at every phase of your device development--from R&D all the way to commercialization.

Reach consensus before you begin developing your new system

When developing a new product, your key opinion leaders ensure that the new system is best in class. ExplORer can help. ExplORer’s tailored processes, created using the Delphi method, help you to more efficiently reach consensus and find the best solutions for development of your new system — even if your key opinion leaders are miles apart.

Collect process-informing data during development

During your ongoing clinical trials, ExplORer enables live, intraoperative data collection throughout clinical evaluation. From capturing case-specific data points to analyzing step-wise metrics, the ExplORer platform provides data support throughout the clinical trials process.

Make the most of your physician training

ExplORer’s technology provides detailed content live in a simulation environment all while collecting data during physician training events in real-time, helping your medical education team understand any areas for improvement and know when your physicians are experts on the surgical technique.

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Optimize your sales team’s results

ExplORer can help expand sales training into the OR while validating on-site training, streamlining routine cases and educating the sales team on surgeon preferences. Your team will be able to observe ORs in real-time, enabling your reps to provide support where it is needed most while simultaneously gathering live performance data.

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