Your work saves lives in the operating room every day

We understand the complexity of working in an OR, and the balance that comes from all members of a team being on the same page. We also know the challenges of administration and management of ORs. And we identify with the need for quality reporting to support patients and ensure consistent care.

That’s why we’ve designed a platform that enables your team to work at its best to better serve your patients.

Give surgical teams the tools they need to be efficient and thorough in the OR

In the OR, patient safety is the top priority. ExplORer supports patient safety and OR efficiency together by increasing coordination among your surgical team. The ExplORer platform provides in-the-moment information about tasks, instrumentation and supplies on a team-member basis (scrub, circulator, first assist and more).

When patient safety is involved, nobody is too experienced for these reminders.

Understand the true usage of your instruments and supplies

While ExplORer is providing guidance to the OR teams on tasks, it is also giving information on what instruments and supplies to use in real-time. In the background, ExplORer captures what items are actually used during each procedure. This capability means hospitals can use ExplORer to better understand instrumentation use, streamline instrument trays and reduce supplies that are opened but unused.

With ExplORer for instrumentation, your team will see gains in efficiency in your OR.

Provide never-before-seen information to OR administrators and managers

We know OR administrators and managers are in constant need of information about their ORs. While your EMR may give you some data, ExplORer takes those details to the next level. The ExplORer software provides up-to-the-minute information to administrators of exactly where each case stands and, with its proprietary algorithm, dynamically estimates case end time.

Use this information to better manage patient expectations, OR room turnover and room scheduling.

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Ensure enhanced recovery protocols are followed for each and every patient

Enhanced recovery pathways and protocols can optimize patient recovery after surgery. That's why ExplORer Surgical serves as a dynamic guide, complete with checklist functionality and real-time data collection, to follow patients throughout their care journey. Available on any device and at any step of the patient journey, ExplORer's customizable platform enables each team member to access ERPs and gather up-to-the-minute data. Enhanced recovery teams can view individual patient reports during and after care pathways and download all data in one, easy-to-use file to perform specific analysis.

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