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Everything you really need to know about ExplORer Surgical

ExplORer is a digital playbook for surgical cases. It is used by surgical team members before and during procedures. ExplORer creates value in several ways: it improves teamwork during surgery, eliminating disruptions and knowledge gaps which inhibit flow; it drives out waste and inefficiency, by ensuring the room is setup right and surgeon preferences are known; and it enables procedural standardization and a consistent teaching approach for Residents. To learn more about ExplORer, visit our blog or watch the video on the home page.


Nurses and techs do not know what surgeons want before and during their cases. Surgeons experience missing instruments during their cases, diminishing team coordination and taking the focus away from the patient. OR administrators face low transparency around case progression, cost variability, and waste.


ExplORer was designed to promote teamwork and collaboration by members of surgical teams. By improving teamwork, collaboration, and each team member’s knowledge and awareness of each procedure, ExplORer closes knowledge gaps that lead to errors and disruptions during surgery, reduces waste from opened and unused items, reduces nurse and resident training and transition costs, and reduces operative time. For a typical community hospital performing 10,000 procedures per year, ExplORer has the opportunity to impact $10-15 million in cost savings.


The application is web-based and can be run on any hardware. It is available on either Google Play or the Apple App Store. To download the app, search ExplORer Surgical and select the application.

You may download procedures by downloading the application and then clicking on “View Public Procedures”, the bottom button on the screen. If you are interested in a guided demo, please use the web form at and request a conversation with an Explorer.

Please use the web form at and request a product trial. We will get in touch with you right away and set up a trial.

Procedures are customized according to the operative protocols and preferences of each surgeon by ExplORer’s implementation team. Procedural development requires minimal investment on the part of a surgeon (we know how busy you are!). To facilitate development, we will review operative notes and preference cards, interview scrub nurses and techs, and attend procedures to take notes and document protocols. Depending upon whether ExplORer is customizing a procedure that already exists in its library or developing a new procedure, it takes between 8 and 12 weeks to implement across the typical practice group of surgeons.

Yes, we customize procedures based on each surgeon’s preferences and their protocols.

We charge an upfront fee for customization and then roll into a subscription agreement; our license fee is based on the number of surgeons, the number of procedures, and the level of customization and service. For more specifics on pricing, please contact us using the web form at and requesting a conversation with an Explorer.

ExplORer is used by scrub nurses, circulators, anesthesiologists, attending surgeons, and residents.

ExplORer can integrate with your EMR system and/or materials management system, though it is not required, in order to perform a variety of functions and analytics which optimize surgical performance and the surgical experience. To learn more, please contact us using the web form at and request a conversation with an Explorer.

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