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Secondary Markets Strategy Intern (MBA) – Part Time, 2019/2020 School Year

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April 23, 2019

About the Secondary Markets Strategy Intern Role:

We are seeking a secondary markets strategy intern to begin in September in a part time capacity. This person would have prior experience in strategy roles and healthcare/hospital expertise. As part of this role, the candidate will identify ExplORer’s opportunity in secondary markets, rank them based on interest, market size, and other factors, and provide starting point for executing on the strategy determined. A strong candidate will also identify additional questions and topics for this particular project, in addition to the strategic priorities of ExplORer Surgical as a whole.



  • Undergraduate degree or program of study in business and/or a scientific or medical field
  • Currently pursuing a master's level degree, MBA, MD, and JD considered
  • 2+ years of strategy experience in the healthcare industry, preferably within hospitals and, even further, the operating room itself
  • Strong experience in data analytics and the Microsoft suite of products (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Located in the Chicago area with willingness to travel nationwide to hospital and medical device client and prospective client sites, sometimes on relatively short notice
  • Ability to commit 15-20 hours weekly to ExplORer in a mix of in-office and remote work


Key Responsibilities:

Identify ExplORer's opportunity in secondary markets

  • Perform desk research to understand trends within hospitals and the healthcare industry that are relevant to ExplORer
  • Develop long list of potential secondary markets to diligence


Diligence each specific market identified

  • Interview current customers and users to determine specific use cases of ExplORer for each market
  • Size each market for potential ExplORer adoption
  • Understand initial interest levels from key stakeholders in each market

Prioritize opportunities for their importance to ExplORer

  • Create methodology to rank markets based on diligence results and our desire to expend resources on each

Create execution plan for highest-ranked markets

  • Outline sales outreach and messaging plan to communicate to new markets
  • Build market-specific sales materials for salesforce to leverage
  • Provide starting point of specific contacts in the highest-ranked markets

To Apply for Secondary Markets Strategy Intern Role:

To apply for the secondary markets strategy intern role, please email the Director of Sales, Patrick Burkhart (, with a cover letter and your resume

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