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Manager of Hospital Strategy – Full Time or Contract

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April 23, 2019

About the Manager of Hospital Strategy Role:

We are seeking a manager of hospital strategy that has prior experience in strategy roles and healthcare/hospital/operating room expertise. As part of this role, the candidate will identify ExplORer’s use cases within hospitals, rank them, and create a full go-to-market strategy for each best-fit use case. A strong candidate will also determine how the ExplORer technology should be improved to better serve that use case, including specific features that would be necessary to invest in.



  • Undergraduate degree or program of study in business and/or a scientific or medical field (MBA preferred but not required)
  • 2+ years of strategy experience in the healthcare industry, preferably within hospitals and, even further, the operating room itself
  • Strong experience in data analytics and the Microsoft suite of products (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Located in the Chicago area with willingness to travel nationwide to hospital and medical device client and prospective client sites, sometimes on relatively short notice
  • Could be a contract or extern-type role for 6-9 months; if great fit for ExplORer, could expand to a full time position to execute on strategy expansion


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop strong understanding of ExplORer’s key use case for surgical teams in hospitals and how current users are actively engaging with the ExplORer Surgical app and associated analytics
  • Begin to expand on the additional use cases that we have piloted with customers or customers have expanded to use ExplORer for on their own
  • Identify additional potential use cases of ExplORer within hospitals based on your own personal knowledge and conversations with hospital administration, staff, and care teams
  • Conduct due diligence and prioritization exercises on each use case identified
  • Present all findings to ExplORer leadership team and key collaborators in ExplORer team
  • Create execution plan for use cases that are agreed upon by ExplORer leadership team
  • If full-time ongoing: execute strategic plan


To Apply for Manager of Hospital Strategy Role:

To apply for the manager of hospital strategy role, please email our Chief of Staff, Robert Stineman ( with a cover letter and your resume

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