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Making Efficiency Plays in the OR with ExplORer Surgical

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    November 14, 2016

    To compete and meet the increasing demands for high-quality, low-cost care, health systems and hospitals must focus on increasing effectiveness and profitability.

    US hospitals in 2015 operated on an average profit margin of 4%. ORs represent approximately 60% of the revenue, and 70% of the profit. While we have seen an influx of new tools to better manage the pre and post-operative periods both clinically and financially, the intraoperative period has largely been ignored.

    The intraoperative period where patients are in the OR and surgical teams are performing procedures is critical, both for managing patient health and for developing clear and repeatable processes. Yet, few to no information technology tools exist to support this part of patient care and team coordination.

    Clinicians and administrators have an opportunity to improve OR workflows by implementing enabling technology. This not only improves the OR experience, but also profitability; the typical hospital has a $5 to $10 million unrealized profit improvement opportunity in its ORs.

    Inspired by our practice and our research involving 100’s of hours of observation and interviews with nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and administrators, we created ExplORer Surgical, an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork in the operating room and increased efficiency across surgical procedures. The ExplORer app is available on any web-enabled device and is displayed in the operating room and even on the surgical field for immediate workflow reference. Our content is tailored to individual procedures and surgeons and includes best practices for clinical care and operational efficiency.

    Now, we are excited to share five of our favorite efficiency “plays” that can executed with the aid of the ExplORer platform:

    1. Reducing Disposables Waste
    2. Eliminating Variability in Instruments/Disposables
    3. Shrinking Tray Content/Size
    4. Implement Parallel Processing to Reduce Procedure Duration
    5. Standardizing Best Practices: Identifying and Reducing Variability in Surgical Procedures

    Over the coming weeks, we will release blog features on each of the above plays and relevant related research.

    If you working on executing one of the above plays and would like to collaborate with us, or you are working on a play that's not on our list, please contact us here. We'd welcome the opportunity to help you make some safer and more efficient OR!

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