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How to use data to improve quality in your device rollout

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October 3, 2018

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you introduce a new medical device. While each of your products is new, innovative and full of features which continue to improve patient outcomes, there are simple solutions to managing the complexity of hosted training events, supporting best practices and enabling surgical teams in order to ensure quality of your device in its usage. ExplORer Surgical can help ease the process of going to market through a rich set of data to support your outcomes at every stage.

Once your product is ready to be rolled out, ExplORer can support your medical education team by providing data-rich tracking of your hosted training events. As an administrator on your device’s ExplORer platform, you will be able to track case progression, understanding in real-time which teams are at what step. More importantly, you will be able to see which steps are tripping teams up and, perhaps, need clarification or revision. After cases are complete, ExplORer provides detailed reports, including comments from the surgeons performing the cases.

This data, including tracking of how long it takes to complete a particular step of the case, has not been accessible before at scale. This type of knowledge can help you to not only fine-tune the launch of your device, but inform the technique for device rollouts in the future. For example, knowing that a particular phase of your technique is confusing for surgeons may cause iterations in the design process of a new device to mitigate that uncertainty for future devices.

We know that training doesn’t stop once surgeons return home and your device is ready to be used in hospitals. The surgical team continues to learn from your sales reps in the field, adopting the new process until it is habit. ExplORer can help at this stage as well, providing a set of digital instructions for use which can expand on best practices for your new device. These instructions, which include photos, videos and other multimedia, help to clarify use of your product in the field after surgeons have left your on-site training. And all of it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

Crucially, while it is often just the surgeon who attends on-site training, this in-hospital stage of training allows the whole team to be brought up to speed on your new device. Having a robust set of instructions at the fingertips of the scrub tech, circulating nurse and any others who participate in a given procedure means greater synergy and greater speed of adoption. Ultimately, this cooperation leads to your device’s procedure being executed with the highest quality.

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