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ExplORer Surgical Writing the Digital Playbook to Get OR Teams on the Same Page

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    April 27, 2017

    Podcast originally published on Breaking Health at - LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE

    Surgeons must be meticulous and detail-oriented to do their jobs well, but those traits don’t necessarily gibe with the dynamic flow of a hospital. ExplORer Surgical is working to expand the comfort zone for surgeons by creating a digital workflow tool that can reduce the unpredictable elements in the OR.

    CEO Jennifer Fried tells Breaking Health host Steve Krupa that OR teams can endure 20% to 30% turnover year-over-year. ExplORer Surgical’s goal is to make sure new faces can fit seamlessly into the OR team.

    “We wanted to create software that could keep everybody on the same page at the same time and act as a digital playbook for surgery for each of the different team members,” Fried explains.

    In addition to reducing complications, Fried says informed OR staff actually use fewer disposable supplies because they’re better able to anticipate a surgeon’s need. She suggests ORs using ExplORer could save $200 to $300 in supplies for each surgery.

    ExplORer, a lean running start-up, has rolled out its system to five hospitals. The company raised a $1 million seed round last year.

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