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Enabling the Success of Medical Devices with ExplORer Surgical

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August 2, 2018

To compete and win as a medical device manufacturer, knowing how your products are actually used in the OR or procedural suite is of utmost importance. Understanding the efficacy of physician training, the effectiveness of sales reps and the surgical team’s product use in the field can all dramatically improve a device’s adoption and traction.

So, despite increasing amount of data available before and after a procedure, why is reaching such knowledge about your product so difficult? Even in today’s digital age, analog solutions are still relied on to understand medical device usage rather than a more innovative platform.

Enter ExplORer Surgical, the operating system for the operating room. ExplORer is a digital guide designed to lead physicians and their teams through complex procedures, in training or live, while gathering all of the data necessary to fully understand use of your devices.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing a series on how a medical device company can gather important data and generate crucial insights that were never before possible. We’re excited to include a preview here:

  • Optimize physician training: Make the most of your hosted training events

Providing a dynamic guide for physicians to review before and during training sessions better prepares physicians for the events. Assessing step-wise performance of your device’s recommended technique during bioskills training also highlights areas physicians can focus on moving forward. Use ExplORer to ensure each physician understands training materials and is successful afterwards in the field.

  • Optimize physician training: Enable your sales reps to enhance on-site training

Training doesn’t stop once a physician flies home from your event. In fact, field sales teams and clinical specialists are just as important in solidifying knowledge of a given procedure as the training events themselves. ExplORer’s proprietary Assessment Mode allows field reps to focus support on steps physicians may have struggled within training events and gather more instructional data in the field.

  • Enable your sales reps to be in the right OR at the right time

We all know how hectic life in the OR can be. Some cases may run late or experience delays and complications, so knowing which OR needs live support in the moment can make or break how a product is used. With ExplORer, reps can monitor all cases in real-time and can predict what will happen in the OR or procedural suite.

  • Conduct peer-tested academic research via the Delphi method

Before physicians can even be trained on a new procedure, that technique needs to be curated and peer-tested. Delphi method curation, an industry standard form of academic research and a core piece of the ExplORer platform, ensures that all key opinion leaders agree on the technique your company plans to bring to the market.

  • Improve outcomes: Support your patients and grow synergy among your team: Whether your product is in clinical trials or live in the field, we know achieving 100 percent patient success rates is your ultimate goal. By creating the safest procedure, training physicians as effectively as possible and improving communication between physicians, reps and the full team, ExplORer can help you get there.

If you are executing one or more of the above initiatives in your organization, or working on a related goal, please contact us here. We would love to collaborate with you and give you the best tools possible to ensure your product succeeds in the marketplace!

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