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August 26, 2018

We all know how hectic life in the OR can be for your sales reps. Some cases may experience delays and complications, so knowing which OR needs live support can make or break how your implant is used in a given case. With ExplORer Surgical, your sales reps can monitor all cases in real-time and can predict what will happen in the OR or procedural suite. ExplORer technology enhances your reps’ presence by using historical data from accounts or specific surgeons to support surgeons in a significantly condensed time frame.

ExplORer’s analytics enable reps to track surgical activities and device usage to better manage their procedures in the OR and to gain new insights for efficiency and productivity. The ExplORer platform captures the time taken to complete each step of a procedure, and users can record observed errors in a consistent and easy to access format. This information increases understanding of the device in the field, providing the sales team with analytics on how surgeons are performing and the steps of the case that are causing issues.

As the surgical teams progress through the case, customized information allows your reps to see case progression in real time, down to which step of a case the team is on. ExplORer can identify when rooms are running early or late in advance, as well as note when teams may be experiencing delays or complications with your device so reps can optimize live support. Our “Big Board” view displays information for the whole room to see, including case progress and key notifications, so the surgical team and reps can follow the progress of a case in unison.

Figure 1: Each screen is optimized for each role in and outside of the OR. Reps can monitor their device usage on a personal screen on the device best suited for them.


Along with the the Big Board view, each team member in the OR has his or her own screen, which can be pulled up on any web enabled device. The screen displays role-specific information for each step of the case, built according to the surgeon’s preferences. Reps outside the OR can utilize their device’s individual screen to monitor medical devices as they are being utilized in the OR or procedural suite. Each individual screen simultaneously advances from step-to-step at the click of a button to keep all members of the surgical team and your sales reps on the same page, enhancing situational awareness and ensuring understanding of your device. Surgical teams and reps simultaneously use the software to coordinate their activities while managing devices in a way never before possible. The result is optimized device usage, decreased device learning time, increased efficiency and high performance.

ExplORer’s digital workflow software is the optimal tool available to streamline efficiency between surgical teams and your sales reps. The ability to track case progression and detect when live support is necessary ensures that the implementation of your device in the OR will run as efficiently as possible. This improved process can lead to increased understanding of your device and solidified adoption in the OR.


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