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How the Delphi method can aid your workflow

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September 26, 2018

We’ve previously discussed methods to maximize efficiency for your sales reps both in the OR and training events. At ExplORer Surgical, we believe teamwork and collaboration are essential to a successful case, and we understand the challenges physicians encounter when creating a new procedure. Part of what makes our software so unique is our use of the Delphi method, which was introduced to us at our University of Chicago research lab back in 2014.

Utilized by physicians all over the world, the Delphi method is a technique used to glean best practices and execution for a given surgical procedure. Before clinical trials, a panel of key opinion leaders will go through multiple rounds of reviews on a specific procedure. In each round, these key opinion leaders will provide feedback on each step of the case, including the necessity and complexity of the step. By providing detail and highlighting key steps, optimal  techniques are identified, eliminating unnecessary steps and actions in a particular case and allowing your device to be utilized in the most advantageous way.

Our goal at ExplORer is to understand the importance of each step of a procedure and provide surgical teams with the most streamlined workflow management system possible. A key way we execute on this effort is by implementing the Delphi method within our platform. By utilizing the Delphi capability of ExplORer, medical device companies are able to create new, optimized procedures for their devices by incorporating the feedback provided by key opinion leaders.

Through this feature, medical device companies can collect step-wise feedback, as well as analyze the changes that were suggested in between rounds of feedback.

For each procedure under review, key opinion leaders provide feedback in a series of necessity or complexity assessment rounds. Within each necessity assessment round, leaders provide an assessment on a 1-5 scale evaluating how necessary a step is. Once they have provided their rating, leaders can then provide detailed feedback as to why they gave their score. In each complexity assessment round, leaders provide feedback on how physically or cognitively complex a particular step is. After an individual has completed a round, the system will automatically indicate how many reviews are pending for that round.

Our team at ExplORer understands the value of an efficient procedure and has integrated this feature into our platform so medical device companies can ensure their surgeons are performing cases that are as productive as possible.

By using the ExplORer platform, all data is automatically recorded and readily accessible for discussion once all rounds are complete. The necessity assessment curation iterates on the steps, directions, multimedia and sequence to reach a consensus on a particular workflow. The complexity curation brings insights on the most complex steps to the management team, providing data on which steps will require the most time during surgeon education events. Ultimately, through ExplORer’s Delphi method, medical device companies are able to organize and manage all of their workflow feedback to identify best practices for their devices.

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