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What is ExplORer Surgical?

ExplORer is a cloud-based software platform which provides workflow management for even the most complex surgical procedures. You can use ExplORer from any web-enabled device.

ExplORer helps your process run more efficiently, whether you are a medical device company working to rollout a new device or a surgeon seeking greater efficiency in the operating room. We accomplish this goal by gathering data, improving training, reducing disruption and eliminating waste in procedures--all while enabling optimized communication among your surgical teams.

How does ExplORer work?

In increasingly complex operating room environments, ExplORer provides workflow management through tailored checklists which reduce errors, track efficiency and eliminate confusion among team members in the OR.

For medical device companies, that means improved procedural development for new devices and enhanced physician training through better tracking. For hospitals, it means procedures tailored for each surgeon and role-specific instructions for each member of the surgical team.

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Why use ExplORer?

ExplORer enables you to improve your quality while reducing costs--regardless of your role. The platform helps medical device companies ease rollout of new devices, saving time and money while improving medical education. For hospitals, it cuts down on wasted time and materials in the operating room, reducing risks to patients. It does all this while providing you with advanced analytics and procedural data to inform decisions, enabling you to achieve your goals.

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