Empowering medical device companies to provide best in class case support.

Access to cases shouldn't be limited to one rep.



Healthcare is changing rapidly, but the ability to support your product & customers should not.

ExplORer's easy to use mobile platform fuses digitized procedural workflow and physical presence without the need for additional hardware.

Remote Case Support

ExplORer puts collaboration in the palm of your rep's hand - anytime or anywhere with remote case support, 2-way HIPAA compliant video, and digitized step-by-step procedure guidance for technicians, RN’s, and physicians. When outcomes matter... ExplORer provides consistency in the room, even when rep's can’t be physically present.

Remote Proctoring & Training

Successful training and proctoring are key to a physician's long term adoption, and your product's success. Don't let the time spent perfecting your product be anything less than perfect.

ExplORer maps out best practices - creating consistent messaging and delivery of technical training. Deployed in-person or virtually, connecting proctors to learners anywhere in the world.


New Product Launch

New Product Launch, no problem.  Digitized step-by-step video guide, images, & virtual face-to-face support, provided through ExplORer's innovative cloud solution, will make your product launch a success.

Minimizing inconsistencies of rep to rep messaging & teaching is key. ExplORer mitigates variability, while providing robust back-end analytics for marketing and training teams to fluidly make changes when gaps arise.


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Data Driven Development

During ongoing clinical trials, ExplORer enables live, intraoperative data collection throughout clinical evaluation.  From capturing case-specific data points to analyzing step-wise metrics, the ExplORer platform provides data support throughout the clinical trials process.

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