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Explorer is Hiring Implementation Team Members



Explorer Surgical is seeking to hire part-time implementation managers and implementation team members to on-board its surgical playbook solution in the Surgery Departments of Academic Medical Centers and other large health systems. To learn more about us, visit explorersugical.com.

Our customers (surgeons, interventional radiologists, and administrators) call us their “Explorers” because we are exploring their operations, procedures and ORs identifying waste, inefficiency, and finding opportunities innovate and to eliminate variability that drives up costs and drives down the quality of care.

We work across an array of surgical and diagnostic specialties including but not limited to: GI surgery, ENT surgery, Neurosurgery, General surgery, Urological surgery, and Interventional Radiology. Explorer Implementation Managers are engaged in mapping surgical procedures, defining optimal instrument sets and supply kits, gathering baseline procedural data and analysis, designing new procedures in the ExplORer solution, analyzing new data, and reporting on analyses and findings. At each of our customer sites, med students, residents, nursing students, techs, and clinicians come together to form an implementation team with the goal of driving OR efficiency and effectiveness through the use of the ExplORer Surgical platform. Because many of our Explorers are students and practicing clinicians, teams operate on a project basis which accommodates their schedule preferences and availability as well as their skills and qualifications.

Explorers do not have to have prior surgical or clinical research experience. They do, however, have to be inquisitive, process minded, creative, organized, and interested in changing the status quo.

Employment & Compensation:

Explorers are part time employees of Explorer Surgical who are paid hourly for specific project deliverables.  Opportunities will be offered to Explorers based upon their skills, qualifications and the level of demand by different services at Vanderbilt.

Compensation varies based on the role an Explorer plays and the skill required to play the role.

Become an Explorer:

If you are interested in part time opportunities to enhance your income, experience, exposure to medical specialties, and career satisfaction; believe you embody the traits presented above; and are passionate about improving the quality and reducing the cost of surgical care and interested in defining new intraoperative metrics and analyses, we would like to hear from you.

When Responding:

Please write precious@explorersurgical.com and provide a copy of your resume, a paragraph on why you are interested in Explorer Surgical, and a short synopsis of your unique skills and abilities that would enable you to contribute to product on-boarding. If you have clinical experience with surgical procedures, please indicate the types of procedures about which you are knowledgeable. And, indicate whether you are interested in working in Chicago. Implementation Associate Job Description.

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