The Case for Build-to-Order Instrument Sets

We were excited to see an article recently in Outpatient Surgery Magazine heralding the benefits of build-to-order instrument sets. At Explorer, we see the value of reducing instruments per tray and tray sets play out daily. As the article aptly points out, there’s enormous value to be captured here including:

  • Increased ease of assembly and provisioning,
  • Fewer delayed starts,
  • Fewer autoclave runs, and
  • Decluttered supply areas

If you choose to pursue tray reduction, consider using Explorer Surgical to enable rapid identification of instruments used and their sequence of use during procedures, and rapid audits of unused instruments at the end of a case.

Additionally, remember that Explorer can also be used to track and eliminate disposables waste which averages $200-300 per procedure and can run as high as $1,000 a procedure as UCSF recently found in neurosurgery procedures.  To learn more about Explorer’s impact, see eight plays in our playbook.

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