A pilot study to assess the adequacy of the Brigham 20 Kit for cesarean delivery

Greenberg JA, Wylie B, Robinson JN.
Published in May 2012 in International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics


OBJECTIVE: To determine whether a kit of only 20 instruments could be used to perform cesarean deliveries in a consistently safe manner for the purpose of providing better surgical instruments to healthcare providers in limited-resource environments.
METHODS: In a small pilot study, 10 obstetricians in 2 hospitals in Boston, USA, used and evaluated the adequacy of the Brigham 20 Kit for cesarean delivery among 10 women.
RESULTS: On average, the obstetricians rated the Brigham 20 Kit 8.7 out of 10 for adequacy and made some minor suggestions regarding the kit’s instrumentation configuration.
CONCLUSION: The limited-instrument Brigham 20 Kit seemed adequate to perform cesarean deliveries safely. Larger clinical trials are needed to assess the value of this new concept for cesarean delivery in limited-resource environments.


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